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Ingrid Simons


Book specifications : 
24 x 17 cm.
112 pages, hardcover
Texts by : Rick Vercauteren, Bertus Pieters, Ron Dirven & Kees Verbeek
19,95 euro

Available at Livingstone Gallery
Van Spijk Art Books
your local bookstore
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“Het Licht & Het Duister”

“Het Licht & Het Duister” (2018) makes the working process during my residency at 
Van Goghhuis, Zundert (the birthplace of Vincent Van Gogh) visible from the start of this 6 weeks residency until the solo presentation at Van GoghGallery
(Fall 2017).
This publication was realized with the support of a crowdfunding project.
Made possible with the support of : Van GoghHuis, Van GoghAiR, Impulsgelden Provincie Noord-Brabant, Kunstloc, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Noord-Brabant,
Mondriaanfonds ; through a crowdfunding project at

Book specifications :

20 x 20 cm.
52 pages, soft cover
Texts by : Ron Dirven, Esther van Rosmalen & Ingrid Simons

20 euro

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made by Ingrid Simons
about her residency and projects at Fundacao OBRAS in Portugal and KH Messen in Norway (2018 & 2019)

(see below for the whole series)
40-52 pages

Available at costprice : 35 euro









Publication of my letterprojects in Portugal and the Netherlands (an extraction from the publication “So os caminhos eram meus”).
In these letters my collegue artists and curators, respond back to me in a letter, in reaction to my exhibition, or talk we had within the exhibition.
* this publication is bound by hand, countaining 8 letters
* in Dutch and Portugues
* one page with photos of my paintings, one page with my silkscreens and one page showing my ceramic work.

Complete edition of 50, at this moment only the first ten are bound by hand
January 2017
30 euros






“Wandering to the end…of infinity” (2016)
Silkscreenprint “Infinitive Horizon”
Presented at the duo exhibition with Anne Vanoutryve at Montanus 5, Diksmuide (BE)
3 colours






3 new special PHOTO editions

3 different special editions containing :
2 photos of 20 x 15 cm. behind 3mm plexi in a box of oak wood (contains hanging system).
Every edition is a limited edition of 3, signed and numbered.
Themes :

* “ZEE”

* “MIST”




395,–  euro per special edition box








Silkscreen research project “Change of Seasons”

This special edition (2016) contains the results of the silkscreen research project
“Change of Seasons” (2015)
Limited edition of 15

Containing a serie of 4 prints (19 x 19 cm.) inspired by the four seasons, a monotype frontpage silkscreen &
“The letter project” is included (8 letters) in a box of oak wood.
Special edition : 350 euro
Individual prints : 175 euro

Realized from October 2015 – January 2016 at Grafisch Atelier Daglicht in Eindhoven.
Made possible with the support of Constant van Renesse Foundation.
A serie of 4 silkscreenprints (35 x 100 cm., all on view at “Recent Graphic Art”) inspired by the four seasons.


“Verao (Summer)”
30 x 100 cm.

Individual prints : 550 euro

Serie of 4 : 1800 euro






Publication “CHANGE OF SEASON” (2016)

Silkscreen researchproject by Ingrid Simons (2016)
Made possible with the support of the Constant van Renessefonds
16 pages, 14,6 x 20,9 cm. Text by Anneke van Wolfswinkel
Edition of 200.
7,50 euro

For more information on the project, the special edition and the four prints of the seasons,
please visit : 









Crowdfunding “HIDDEN PARADISE”
20160106 37


Crowdfunding project to enable a residency in spring 2016 in Alentejo (Portugal) to be able to make new
paintings and 
ceramic works for my solo exhibitions in 2017 & 2018 in Portugal.
Especially for this project,  I made these 2 new silkscreenprints. 

This crowdfunding project ended in April 2016 and was very successfull! 
Thank you for your support!








Photobook “SONHOS” (2014)


Digital photobook, in which all “Sonhos”, the paintings all of the size 20 x 30 cm, that I made for the crowdfunding project, to realize the publication “So os caminhos eram meus”, are shown together.
“Sonhos”, published in May of 2014, 19,1 x 19,1 cm., 36 pages, hardcover
25 euro 






Publication “SO OS CAMINHOS ERAM MEUS” (2013)


I am very proud to present this publication to you.
This publication is a tribute to Portugal, and tells about the enormous influence of Alentejo and Portugal on my paintings, silkscreens, azulejos and flower vases. New colours have arised in my paintings and my ceramic art has been shaped under the influence of Portugal. To realize this publication I started a crowdfunding project and

With the support of the participants of this publication, I was able to present this publication in October 2013.
The title is inspired by a poem of Negreiros, and tells about the paths you follow in life, and that what matters, are the paths you walk, not only achiving your final goal (“Alleen de paden waren van mij”). The publication starts with two beautiful texts of Drs. A. Schaeffers (Dutch Embassy, Lisboa) and Jos Wilbrink (BKKC). In this publication my “Letter Project” published containing 8 letters : 4 Dutch (Paul Hermans, Bert Loerakker, Anke Roder & Saskia van de Wiel) and 4 Portugues (Margarida Branco, Antonio Couvinha, Ludger van der Eerden & Carolien van der Laan) art connaisseurs and collegues participated.
esign by Mark van den Eijnden (Ontwerpburo STORM). Dutch and Portugues.
This publication is printed in a limited, numbered, and signed edition of 100.
The publication includes a small sized silkscreenprint on Japanese paper, in honour of the 15 year existence of my artist practise. 
Published by Ingrid Simons


Dutch presentation Saterday the 19th of October 2013, Huub Hannen Gallery, Maastricht (NL),
at the vernissage of my solo exhibition “Het ontwaken van de zomer”.
Portugues presentation the 18th of May 2013, Castelo de Evoramonte (Portugal) at the vernissage of my solo exhibition “Jardim Secreto”.









Digital photobooks (A4) made by Ingrid Simons about the workproces and research
during her residencies and projects in Portugal, France, Berlin and Norway.

Available are :
* Residency KH Messen, Norway (2019, softcover)
* Residency Fundacao OBRAS, Portugal (2019, hardcover)
* Residency Fundacao OBRAS, Portugal (2018, hardcover)
* Residency Fundacao OBRAS, Portugal (2017, hardcover)
* Residency Fundacao OBRAS, Portugal (2016, hardcover)
* Residency Fundacao OBRAS, Portugal (2015, hardcover)
* Residency Fundacao OBRAS, Portugal (2014, hardcover)
* “Jardim Secreto”, Soloshow & Residency Portugal (2013)
* “So os caminhos eram meus”, Soloshow & Residency Portugal (2012)
* “Le coucher du soleil”, Soloshow & Residency @ Galerie La Courette, Durfort (F, 2011)
* “Sonho de uma noite de verao”, Obras, Portugal (2011)
* “A luz da lua”, Soloshow & Residency Portugal (2010)
* Berlijn 2009-2010 (lithography)
* 7 lithoprojecten, 2007-2010, Nederland & Berlijn
* Residency Mas de Charrou (2009)
* Paintings 2008-2010

Available at costprice : 35 euro, excl. shipping costs






“SHADOWS SHIFT” (2010 & 2011)

Publication with a text by Florent Bex, Honorary Director of the Antwerp Museum of Contemporary Art (MuHKA).
This publication contains photos of recent paintings, silkscreens and lithographies.
“SHADOWS SHIFT” was presented at the preview of the solo show “Shadows Shift” at
Jan van Hoof Galerie, ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
Limited edition.
In May 2011 at Art Amsterdam a special, changed version of this publication was presented.
This publication contains photos of very recent paintings from the residency in Portugal in March and April 2011.
A new proza by Alex de Vries is included, that he wrote for the book presentation in November 2010.
Also translations of the text by Florent Bex are included and a new azulejo made in Portugal.
Publiced by Jan van Hoof Gallery, ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Ingrid Simons
20 euro
(almost sold out)







Publication by the municipality of  Valkenswaard, in cooperation with SNederlands teendrukmuseum in Valkenswaard.
This publication contains poems by Frans Hoppenbrouwers and original lithographies by Ingrid Simons, inspired by Valkenswaard (where Simons spend her youth ; limited edition).
40 euro
(almost sold out)








Portfolio in limited edition of the 10 seperate lithographies from the publication mentioned above.
The portfolio consists of two series of lithographies : Paganus en Aurora, in one or two colours, numbered edition.
375,00 euro 






That figures Map_thumb
Portfolio published in cooperation with gallery and publisher Peninsula, Eindhoven.
The portfolio is the result of a lithography project organised by and with Ingrid Simons and Judith Rosema.
Both artists have made a lithography specially for this portfolio, in several colours, both inspired by the poem “Les fleurs du mal” by Charles Baudelaire.
Costs : 250 euro







Publication with texts by Alex de Vries en Jan Doms (published in dutch, german and english).
This publication contains photos of paintings, lithographies and drawings. The publication was presented at the auditorium of the Stedelijk Museum ‘s-Hertogenbosch by Jos Wilbrink and Bart Rutten, in cooperation with Danielle van Broekhoven and Jolanda van Gennip.
With this publication a limited, numbered edition of two different lithographies was presented.
20 euro
(almost sold out)








The publication “Schildersessies” (my first!) contains texts about the project initiated and organized by Simons at the guest studio of the Nederlandsche Cacaofabriek in Helmond. Simons invited several artists she was inspired by, to come and work with her in the guest studio. So that, during the process of painting, within a specific theme, one could also have “more profound” talks about painting itself. Participating artists : Monique Broekmans, Rene Korten, Teresa Rahder, Marie-Jose Robben, Rob Schouten, Esther Tielemans, Vincent Welten.
This publication also contains poems, that were especially made for this project, by international poets, inspired by the paintings that were made during this project.
(almost sold out)

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